642 things My new writing challenge this year is to go through this notebook with prompts. I don’t really lack inspiration, but I thought it would be a great way to practice. I also found that it’s a great way to write subjects I wouldn’t otherwise. Once in a while, I’ll share what came up.

Prompt of the day: You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.

“Opening my eyes to a window showing the infinity of the universe. I relish that moment endlessly. I climb in the tiny room to another window, drinking in the beauty of planet earth.

I didn’t know, when I left it, that I would be amazed beyond words, and painfully sad at the same time. I always wanted to get away from the limits of society and my own incapacity to relate to people. My soul yearning for the boundless space around the moon.

That day, all strapped in my chair in the space shuttle, I cried. “Lift off!” I can still hear it, the voice of that guy — just like when I was a kid watching launches on tv. Finally, it was my turn to leave; be gone from the madness, the hurt.

That feeling of relief is still present, deeply in my core, as I watch through the window what I left behind. Not much, as I had no family left, no lover, almost no friends, except for these other crazy dreamers that constitute my team — on the shuttle or still on earth.

But I’m sad today. I miss the chirping of the birds in the morning; the long walks in the forest and fires. The smell of burnt wood in the crisp air of winter.

With great respect!


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