A to Z challenge day 3
Theme: Notebooks

Don’t you like this gigantic notebook? Or what looks like a notebook.

Younger, I always dreamed to have one of these giant portfolio that artists use for their art. I thought it was some kind of an accomplishment. If you could paint or draw on huge pages or canvas, that meant you were a real artist. I used to paint and draw but could never afford a portfolio. So I was never a real artist.

Some years ago, I did this course and we had to do collages. We would look at them and write down what they would inspire us. What do you think I did? I got myself a giant portfolio, because all my collages would be pieces of art, and finally, I could declare myself an artist.

Here is the inside of my portfolio:


I use a lot of images when I write and I still do collages. My muse seems to think it’s a good idea. I usually collage emotions. I see what I think of that emotion and get the world of it, the intensity, what it touches and then I can build it in a character.

I also use collages with some of my clients, when they have difficulty expressing something about a situation in their life. Great tool!

Tomorrow : D – Drawing (When is she going to talk about notebooks again…?)

With great respect!

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