A to Z challenge day 7
Theme: notebooks

I didn’t really like to write in guest books before. They are everywhere: restaurants, Bed and Breakfast, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, anniversary, etc.

When I don’t like something I have the tendency to observe intently. What am I resisting? When I find it, it doesn’t mean that I will change my behavior but at least I’ll be free to do it or not. It won’t be about my mood…

I noticed:

– It gives people a space to acknowledge others
– People can tell of something that touched them
– People can relate to other’s experiences
– A sense of community is created for the owner of the book

I finally got my “own” guest book (see featured image), when I left my job a year (and so) ago. Colleagues wrote farewells and testimonies of my contribution to them.

I think that’s when I really got it: giving space for people to express feelings or thoughts they wouldn’t express out loud. Why? Because we just don’t do that.

Tomorrow: Having the right brand (the legacy of Notable “notebook makers” Houses)

With great respect!

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