… For Clemence 1995-2016

He walks with acute intention
A boiling vengeance in his rotten heart
A task asked for, no, a mission
In which, unknowingly, she will take part

She would pay for them all
Their disdain and dismissal
He responded to the inner command
Cold steel in his firm hand

She dreams of flowers and kisses
A little house and bubbly offsprings
And all of her heart wishes
But, she’ll never spread her wings

Their eyes lock in an forever moment
May I help you, she says in her singing voice
In her smile he reads the omen
In that instant his soul rejoices

The lovers macabre dance starts
The first stab rises surprise and astonishment
A dance so intimate you can’t tell them apart
Suddenly she understands the punishment

Free from his delusional embrace, she fell
On the shiny floor, under the light of giant neons
One last breath she reached for her cell
She never made the call to her special person

He leaves her in a pool of blood
A stolen soul, a trophy for his collection
In his cold heart freedom and joy flood
Balance is restored, accomplished his mission

For years our love will be wrapped in horrified tears
Plastered everywhere, next to his, your angel face
Will there be peace for your soul, and rest for our fears
As he still roams freely in stores and streets and places

Your scent floats around us, still…
Farewell quiet soul.

Napowrimo day 12

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