Hello lovelys!

I am getting behind with Napowrimo and A to Z challenge. In case you were looking for me. Last year, I just quit. This year, I’m pushing through.

I’m completing coursework and studying for exams and I’ll be right back. If not Friday, Saturday for A to Z, and later today for Napowrimo.

Not sure I shared that before, but I am doing a certificate in Criminology, 2 classes per semester.

My brain can’t do it all, it seems. I still need twice the time I needed before to focus and understand what I’m reading, in those very smart books.

Emotions rise around April. I got hit by the tsunami again this year. My body and my mind just stops being aligned for 2-3 weeks.  Last hours.

This year I am pushing through. Need a dozen lifelines, but if it’s what it takes to get me to shore.

See you later!

With great respect! A.

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