No it’s not a post about tattoos. Even if I would like to talk about it.

I couldn’t talk about notebooks without talking about pens and ink. In my last writer’s retreat, we had this absolutely fabulous conversation about pens. You know, the pen that writes smoothly on the page, easy to grip and makes the writing just flow.

I think at one point someone talked about a “b” something pen and everybody looked at it and took note of the brand. I didn’t… I have mine. The perfect one for the right kind of paper in the perfect notebook.

I always thought that I was a bit fussy with that kind of stuff. People giving me notebooks and pens, thinking they are giving me this great gift. But each new book needs its pen and every pen can’t write in any notebooks.

I think psychologist would have a blast with me trying to explain that theory…

Bottom line, if it works for you, keep doing it.

I love fountain pen. It works for me. I still dream about the one you soak in ink and then write on the paper and end up having ink all over your fingers, in the face and on your clothes. It’s soooo romantic!

With great respect!


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