A few days ago, I heard someone talk about needing pain to create. I thought that was an old conversation. That we didn’t say that anymore. I listened further and again, the whole point was about suffering to help you touch the deep core of your being, that place where true feelings arise.


What about the clearing that joy and love provides, giving a sense of expansion, allowing to create new things. I think we’ve pretty much covered the whole “creating in pain” realm. Poets and writers from the old days, explored that for us.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible to write in that state. I’m saying that there are other access that don’t involve suffering. I don’t need to suffer to be able to understand and create a character that goes through an ordeal. I can rely on other moments of my life or empathy for others.

Like these questions I get ask sometimes: “Did you go to Africa? Were you in a war? ” No I’ve never went to Africa and Goddess forbids that I’m ever in a war zone. I am touched by that, I want to understand, so I’m writing about it.

And the process of writing happens in a state of joy. With joy I start to ask question, I research and create. I find myself passionately talking about my findings. Sometimes I find indignation about the state of things. I write some more and offer some ideas and solutions through the voice of my characters.


When I’m suffering, my writing looks like a long complaint about life. Nothing constructive.

And look at that notebook. Who wouldn’t feel tremendous joy writing in such a beautiful hand-crafted piece.

With great respect!


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