L – Love letters in notebooks
M – Mind-mapping in notebooks
N – Nothing like living in your head, er… notebook
O – Orgasmic writing sessions in notebooks
P – Poetry

Because I thought that I would just tag along from today’s letter, which is W.
Remember I left you with H.

I had so many ideas for each letter that I decided that I would catch on with every letter in the challenge anyway. I love a good deadline, because it pushes me towards the finish line. You should see me during NaNoWriMo… Never thought I could write that many words in a day… see: Writing with your blood

Now, my lovelies, you can sing the alphabet song and slide through L M N O P joyfully.

Love letters in notebooks
I’ve put somewhere in a description of myself that I am a lover. I love people, animals, plants, life, good people, bad people. I love.

When it comes to that “personal” love, it only exists in my mind. All those poems and letters I never sent, never gave to the one making my heart sing. I have notebooks filled with tender words, passion and fire.

Never sent.

I imagine my kids reading all my notebooks after my death, thinking that I was a passionate lover, writing letters to express my deepest feelings of love to someone, at a time when we still handwrite letters – and not just texts and emails.

“She was loving mother, a tree-hugger and passionate lover.” Or something like that…

Mind-mapping in notebooks
This is the greatest find I made in the last few years. I discovered that in a workshop at my office job. A technique to find new ideas for our projects.

Now I use it to open new access in my mind to create. Starting from a word and writing things, emotions and feelings associate with that word, and from these words, find new words. creating a whole new world, new images. Or simply making sense of a story with a lot of characters and how they connect.

Here is a sample of mind mapping I did for a course on meditation and chakras healing I created.


In this example we were mind-mapping the world of colours for each person. I am always looking for techniques and games to expand my creativity.

Nothing like living in your head, er… notebook
I live in a virtual world. Most of my life I spend in my head thinking and creating and recreating things. Another way to say that I doubt myself so much that what comes out of my mouth has been well thought of.

Except in my blog… The anonymity of it helps. You are like in a notebook for me.

I have entire worlds created in my notebooks; a fantasy or many fantastic lives I could live. When I was a kid, I lived in a world invisible to others. It was made of nightmare characters, but also animals, fairies and other planets.

Learning how to write was a blessing. I still empty my mind in notebooks, like a river piercing through obstacles with much force and intention.

Orgasmic writing sessions in notebooks
That river piercing through obstacles with much force and intention? That’s what I’m talking about.

I don’t know what is a writer’s block. I don’t know what is a blank page. Writing is an intense activity more satisfying than sex. The only reason is because the feeling of bliss is everlasting in my being. Everyday, even if it’s only 5 minutes, I write. Like a junkie I need my fix. I am writing dependant.

When I have more time, I just write out of love for writing. The actual action of writing. Like a never-ending orgasm.

I’ll never escape from poetry. It is my first love. Love at first sight. I was not very old. Around 4 or 5. My teacher read some kids poetry. It was enchanting. It never left me.

My notebooks are filled with poetry. Mine and of some other poets, dead or still alive. It’s like music for my soul.

It’s the only place where I can see that my writing evolves. That what I set my mind on changes. The way I write poetry in english or in french is different. Now I’m playing with mixing it.

During NaPoWriMo I don’t really re-work the piece. I just write, putting words on an image or an emotion. Sometimes I take those pieces later and work on them to add more depth.

There is something in poetry that challenges the mind and the heart. It’s telling a story and creating an image, in short sentences.

I love it!

With great respect!

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