This is a post on journaling. Girls starts very young to write in journals. It’s part of the initiation of becoming a teenager. Usually your mother or an aunt will give you your first diary that you can lock with a key. In it, you write what you consider your most secret thoughts.

I kept diaries for many years, until my father read one and lectured me for hours about what he found in it. You can understand that after that moment, my tone change when I wrote. I started to talk to a random bunch of mean people reading all my thoughts. I started to lie, to be sarcastic and invent stories. Might as well make it fun, if I was to be yelled at for something.

It has always been a challenge for me to express feelings to people and being able to do it in writing and make some sense of what I was feeling, made it easier for me. I got to reveal parts of myself that seems so mysterious. Really, when you’re a teenager you have no clue about life…

I wrote in a journal until I was 25 years old. The last diary with a key. I would have shown it to you but it’s like in a box, deep in storage…

With great respect!



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