This April, I joyfully embarked on the journey of the A to Z blog challenge and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). And what I won’t tell is that I was registered for Camp NaNoWriMo also.

A full exciting month ahead.

Now, I look back and this is what April looks like.

19/26 A to Z blog post
16/30 poems
And I didn’t bother to do a word count for camp Nanowrimo. I wrote a few things. I may have a thousand words on an objective of 20k.

In the past few years, I have learned to be with “what’s so”. The clear facts. This is how it went. That is the result.

I feel great and free.

Maybe next year I will talk to myself beforehand, and consider that finals and 3 challenges don’t mix well together.

I wrote a few things that I am proud of, and other things that I want to revisit later.

Thank you for your visits, comments and encouragements. It is precious and I appreciate it greatly.

With great respect and love!

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