I understand that there are many places I can call home.

Montreal: my home city. Where I was born and raised. Raised my children. Had a career. It is one of the most amazing city I know. The mood is unique.

Lac-au-Saumon: my mother’s hometown. Everytime I go back there, I feel at home on a deep level. It’s emotional. Like if my mother had transmitted this yearning she had of going back… she never had the chance to go before she died. Away for more than 20 years. She is buried there.

Naxos: I came to Greece for the first time about 10 years ago. It was instant love. In 2014, I came here to grieve. It was the only place I felt I coul just be, even away from my loved ones, and just cry. Last week, I was back in Greece and back to this magnificent island I discovered in 2014. Naxos.

People are so generous and caring. When they welcome you, it feels like you are part of their family. They are passionate, loving, intense, fierce and proud.

I will come back again and again, because this is home. Because I align naturally to the rythm of the island. I will come again just because I will come again.

Home is where I am. I could pick any place in the worl and feel like I’ve been coming home. I just have more interest in some places than others. And it’s fine. Some places I don’t particularly like, but there are people there I want to see. With them, I feel like home.

Where do you call home?

With great respect!

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