Yes it’s the time of the Summer Olympics. I always waited with much excitement to participate with my cheers and love, supporting the favorites and discovering favorites in many sports. What gets me so excited is the determination, commitment that athletes show, day in and day out, to achieve their goals.

This can be applied to anything in life. How determined are you to achieve your goals? I opened this inquiry for myself a few weeks ago. Writing. Do I really want to do this? Am I willing to put the time, the efforts, the thinking and the sweat and blood?

Authentically, I said no.

My first answer was NO. Can you imagine, coming from a childhood dream of becoming a bestselling author and discover that you don’t want to do this anymore? I didn’t panic. Digging a bit further: what is it that made me want to just abandon my dreams? Wasn’t there any passion anymore? Or lost belief in myself? Maybe.

I discovered that I was coming from a place of hope. I was hoping that it would happen some day. I was doing a few actions, writing, but not consistently and switching from an idea to the next.

My being was nonchalant about it, hiding the fact that I was afraid of never making it. I was aiming for a feeble hope that I wouldn’t finish last. Going on, on shaky grounds and lack of belief deep down in my heart and soul.

This revelation was not a surprise I have to admit. I knew for the past few years, even though I was coming back to writing over and over again, that I didn’t believe in the dream anymore. It was out of habit that I would go on.

At this point I had a choice to make. Go on or not.

I chose to keep going. To recommit to the dream, coming from a sense of freedom. The freedom to choose who I am and what I want to do.

For this, my vision must be clear and the commitment, unshakeable. Since I’m collaging a lot these days, I started a collage about my writing goals.

writing collage

I started to create a “feel” of what I envision. The images that appeal to my creative mind; subjects and themes that I want to write about. Also, starting to see my books in libraries and my name on numerous published books. Now, I’m looking for a picture of book signing. For that I might just take a picture of myself signing a book. 🙂

On the page next to it, I am writing down the goals and after, add a timeline to reach these goals.

Reaching for the gold means, for me, that I have to create a strong belief in my capacities, create a supportive environment and SIT DOWN and WRITE. Day in and day out. Unfailingly. Stop being so complacent with myself and stop hoping that maybe someday I will make it.

My vision will unfold as I put a word right after the other. I will achieve my vision everyday. Magic and wonder will happen. Doors will open.

Cheering with excitment is in my future.

What about you? Are you going for the gold or hoping that you wont finish last?

With great respect!

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