I won’t be too long on the “in the last two years I just slept”. Only to establish context. So in the past two years I couldn’t even picture being where I am today.

I am rediscovering the depth of my own heart, the bubbly nature of my mind and the light of my soul. And it triggers the desire to share, to expand, to help and contribute. Feels like holding the Golden Ticket for a joyful carousel ride. (I don’t post many pictures of myself, but this one really looks the part.)


I was going through all the writing I have done in the past ten years and I have so  much material and ideas to write 20 more books. So I’ve decided to really take on the release of many of my books in the next few months. Poetry and short stories and some novels and novellas.

Aside many other projects that I’m currently working on, like spiritual retreats, I might want to put on paper a few thoughts about a writer’s retreat with workshops and write-ins. Actually, it would be like a weekend class, with lots of times to write and challenging mentors in an inspiring place. I have this nice place I know in Greece…

I woke up. Finally. After a few glimpse here and there, I  am fully awake now.And I just got that even in my most productive years, I had accumulated much stress and fatigue. Now, even that is gone. I am fully rested. It may sound a bit dangerous actually. What can I do when my mind is working 100%? I was a killing machine at 85%…

I have this feeling of contentment and gratitude following me around and I love it!

I thought I’d share this today. I will announce different news in the next few weeks about my books and also how you can participate and support me.

I’m curious. Where do you sleep in your life? Where are you fully awake?

With great respect!


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