I am the kind of person that needs to have everything handled before I move. I’m getting ready to be ready. To the point that when I’m finally ready, I’m too exhausted with stress that I don’t really enjoy the thing I got ready for.

I tried something different this time. I announced the release of my second book in french for December. In my ideal world, I’m not quite ready. But in my new reality, I am so enjoying this! Today, I have to deal with the flood of requests, congratulations and whirlwind of love. All this giving me the energy to work and be ready on time and show up to the rendez-vous I created with people.

Like I said before, I have so much material that I just need to organize for it to become books. I didn’t tell anyone, but I have 2 books in preparation for submission to publishers. And you know, one of them had been ready for more than 10 years. Re-written, edited and all. I wasn’t ready… Now even if I’m not ready, it’s about freaking time it gets out.

I can announce officially that I have a poetry collection coming out in October. This week, we’ve been working  on the cover of the french version, but next week, we will complete the one in English. I may have a cover reveal…

It’s time.

Time to get out of my shell. Time to move forward. Time to experiment and dance in the fire.


You might wonder (or not)  about the image I put for this post. It’s a tag I saw during my last trip to Greece. I just thought it was really brilliant. I give so much meaning to the “essence” of my personality, my thoughts and ideas, that I forget my body. Made of flesh and decaying everyday. I think I’m eternal and I can wait for another day and be really ready tomorrow.

It’s time now!

With great respect!


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