First, let me wish you a luminous 2017. As we enter this new year, I wish to get to know you all better, share ideas, become partners in making life an amazing event everyday! I love you all!

I just read my last post, written 4 months ago. I was so enthusiastic, ready and keen to move forward finally.

And then I had an accident.


I fell off of this beautiful horse you can see on the photo, during a trip to a ranch in Arizona the first week of November. We had a marvelous week of horse back riding until the last day when this unfortunate event happened. Since I did an Oscar worthy impression of Superman, I was lucky to get out of it with only a dislocated elbow, a sprain wrist and a few bruised ribs.

I went through all kinds of emotions around that event, but I am left with something very profound.


Listen to your rhythm, listen to life around you, listen to your loved ones, give some space for others to contribute and show how they love and care. It’s no surprise that I like to do things alone, and I take care of a lot of things. And I read all the quotes about all the things you can achieve with the help of others, but until I truly experienced it for myself, and that I really opened up, all these were only pretty words.

I stopped talking for a while and listened.

My body is talking loud, telling me how to care for it.

My heart is screaming, urging me to open up and stop being afraid.

My soul is whispering, blowing wild winds, pushing me to walk my path.

It’s the first day today that I sit in front of my computer to write. I wasn’t able to do it since the accident and the doctor had forbidden it even if I thought I was feeling better.

I’m happy and nervous. I look at all the things hanging in mid-flight waiting for me to show up again and I laugh nervously. You know, when you have to call someone you know you should have called weeks ago… yes that feeling.

I’m happy to be back, ready to work and to connect with readers, partners, mentors, costumers, coachees, students, all the beautiful human beings in my life.

With great respect and love!


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