I cried with relief.


What we all saw with our own eyes was the truth. No one today can tell us that it was all in our heads.

I was so resigned.

Yesterday, I was resigned.

Again we would see another one get off easy.

Not today. Today. We can all breathe. For a moment.

A new future is shining on the horizon.

There will be more deaths, more despair, more tears.

There will also be more hope.

I believe with my whole heart that the more we love each other, the more we can transform life itself.

It will require to deepen our self-inquiry even when we think that we « know ». Expand our views, question the status quo.

Human beings haven’t figured out yet how to include everyone.

It takes integrity, staying true to yourself, to live a life of love and compassion; to not project your fears, and anger towards others because they are not « open » or « woke » or « haven’t evolve ».

A world that works for everyone starts in the heart.

Shining when nothing calls for your light.

Loving when you are surrounded by hate.

Standing for yourself and those with no voice when no one is listening.

And one day. Like today. There is a breach.

There is evidence that something new is possible.

Today. I took a deep breath. And I let go of my resignation.

Today, for a moment, we can all breathe a little bit easier.

With great respect!


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