The thing with this threesome is that I can’t rely on anykind of consistency in my reactions to the treatment.

Sometimes, NO perceptible change can throw me off course for a few days.

Or a few weeks…

Ok, so each cycle is 4 weeks. I take Pablo for three weeks and Lolaz goes uninterrupted.

So for a full week, Pablo takes a vacations, and leaves me tired, restless, and sometimes nauseated.

But, in the past two months, it felt rough on week three AND four of the cycle.

It as nothing to do with how much water I drink or what I eat, or how much I sleep. There is an inherent fluctuation of how my body reacts.

This time, I felt good on week four. For four days, I rejoiced having energy, and then I had one rough day. I slept and could barely stand all day.

And then I was fine.

A friend who saw me this week was surprised to see my radiant face. Somehow, she thought I would look weak, and tired. I am vibrant, aligned, and compassionate with myself.

Most importantly, I put a lot of intentions in staying connected to my body, and intuitively give it what it needs.

I stretch in the morning, I meditate. I practice being present.

I aslo practice being grateful for each breath.

I am showering my body and being with so much love, gratitude, and joy that it can only be beaming with light, and health.

Last time, Pablo was on vacation, the doctor said that my last scan showed a lot of promises. The growths are shrinking.

I may make myself some sparkling homemade lemonade and dance during happy hour.

I dance because I am filled with so much joy, and I still need to eat and earn a living. So, mama needs to pay for her treatments, and supplements.

If you are looking for alignment in any area of your life (especially health and relationship) I have opened some new spots in my calendar.

I have a summer special on my Time Warp sessions and bundle (3 sessions + 10 powerful journaling questions + a guided meditation). You breakthrough any blocks and fast track towards your desired outcomes.

My superpower is Listening. Listening to your heart and guide you towards clarity and your next move.

Send me an email: and let’s connect.

Or find me here:

On this, I wish you a vibrant moment.

Just this one. Filled with appreciation for yourself.

With great respect!


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