I noticed the other day that I haven’t been listening to music much.

I put some binaural beats to help with sleep at night, but here I’m talking about music with lyrics and listening just for the fun of it.

I used to listen to music during my morning/evening commutes to and from work.

When my mother past away, I listened to some of the songs she liked. I would cry whispering the words of I was made for loving you baby in busy metro stations.

I also use to read.

Perfect way to stay in my inner world a little bit longer before I kicked the high performing project manager into gear.

Bus and metro rides are perfect for the things you don’t have any other time to do: reading and listening to music.

Well, sometimes in the office I would listen to music while writing a report or something.

But I don’t do that anymore.

I write.

No music.

This morning I woke up with a yearning for music.

I had that song… on the tip of my tongue. I could hear the first few notes in my mind but couldn’t remember the title.

And I lost it.

I am forgetting names.

I can’t focus on two things at the same time.

Either I read or I listen to music.

Either I write or listen to music.

Today, I woke up and my body felt relaxed.

I slept well.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed. No stiffness.

Mornings in the past few years have felt like I needed hours of gentle stretching before I could barely move and walk without pain.

This morning I felt like dancing.

Finally this afternoon, I put on some music and danced.

Two songs.

Fantasy from Earth, Wind, and Fire and Saturday Night Fever from the Bee Gees just because I wanted to do THE move. You know THE move.

It was great.

I can’t get too excited and jump all over the place.

Either my lungs or my nervous system react.

But I felt more energy. More at ease in my body.

More freedom to roll my hips and feel the joy.

Right now I am looking at the clock and I know that in about two hours, I will feel numb. The feelings in my body will evade me.

It is happy hour right now. I feel clear, bright, and sharp.

I will have some food and then Pablo and Lolaz will knock on the door and that will be it for the day.

But until then.

Let’s dance.

With great respect!


3 thoughts on “Let’s dance

  1. I used to have classical music on constantly, often as background noise though it’s largely how I also learned the repertoire or, as you’ve experienced, as an accompaniment to long commuter drives.
    But I’ve also discovered a need for extended periods without music — in my case, that includes singing and contra or Greek folk dancing — or even deep reading. These are typically times of intense writing for me, requiring full concentration and stretches of clear, seemingly mindless reflection.
    Enjoy the ebb and flow.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, during periods of intense writing, I prefer silence. As to not mess with the voices of the characters. It happens without any effort. I simply stop. I realize also that I never listened to the radio… to much unwanted noise. I don’t even know how I kno some more contemporary songs. Hum…
      You also remind me of some very fond memory f my times in Greece. The singing and dancing in an old castle, hlf in ruins. The deep voices, the bouzouki, the hand clapping, the homemade wine, my friends explaining in semi-English and French, mixed with a lot of Greek what the song meant. Fun times!
      Thank you for sharing your insights with me. It is truly appreciated. I love to converse and connect.

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