Red lights

I stop At red lights On this journey Of life Smiling At that memory Of a kiss That lighted up The world Ambrozya Napowrimo day 7

The hidden bridge

  On the edge of the cliff Legs shaking My mind empty Taking in the loneliness Of the vast land Beneath me One step forward And forgetfulness Will be my only desire One step closer The shadow of the night Will lurk behind I stay still On the edge of the cliff Gazing inward Where…


Tears Joy Sadness Compassion Anger Laughter Loss Surrender Empathy My heart melts In so many ways But Tears It is just water running down my face Ambrozya Napowrimo day 4


How can you write poetry When your heart doesn't sing When your heart doesn't cry When there is just fear That any word that comes out of your mouth Will kill What's beautiful What's perfect How can you speak Your truth When you know your heart Will be broken For having the guts To stand…

All or nothing

Playing with colours Pale and dark Shades of light Rainbow of hearts Hiding behind rumours Smiles and sparks A minute there A minute gone Dancing between laughter And despair For what will never be For what is already there As nothing matters If I don't get it all Ambrozya Napowrimo 2016 Day 1

Last hours

I will want to escape that day Every year Year after year Until I die They were your last hours Last hours I would have used To hold you Love you Thank you A little more And again And again You don't wake up from a night Where you didn't sleep I didn't sleep You…

I know who you are

You walked down the aisle Red silk glowing Flowing Step by step Climbing the ladder of my soul My heart sank In the deep waters Of sorrows As your divine form disappeared in the moonlight I am you You are me I know who you are Ambrozya - Napowrimo 2015

Invisible scars

Will I let you come close enough To lick my bruises To soothe my heart Forgetting the battles In the labyrinth of my mind Will I let you come close enough To heal my invisible scars Ambrozya - Napowrimo 2015

May I ask you

May I ask you The tears behind your smile Where do they come from? Where do they take form? In the dark thoughts of your mind? May I ask you Open the door Let my heart sing to you The song of all the lost souls The rythym of the earth The silence of the…

The fire within

You stole a piece of my heart Leaving an imperfect soul behind Without another look I chase after you Relentlessly seeking a glimpse Of your smile You stole my whole heart Leaving a dark hole To drawn myself with my tears I looked around, I looked up You were nowhere to be found But it's…