Are Self-Published Authors Really Authors Or Even Published? What a Crock!

I thought I would share this, for future reference when I think that I am not a real writer…. With great respect. A.




Did you see the article entitled:  “Are Self-Published Authors Really Authors Or Even Published?”

To dignify such a question when the answer is so obvious, should be considered redundant. Nevertheless, I will take it on for the sake of clarifying and defending indie authors, their books and the publishing companies they use to bring their books to market.

I presented the question to a friend who owns a book store. She responded using Smashwords, Inc. as a prime example:

“A Smashword e-book with an ISBN Number in the Smashwords Premium Catalogue sells e-books to Brick and Mortar Book Stores all over the world. At the same time their books are distributed to major on-line stores: Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Barnes and Nobel, and others. I would think this would be more than enough to qualify any book as a “real” book, by a “real” author, and considered “really” published



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