One of the thing I saw for myself when I write is that I need a support system. Because if I keep myself all alone, dealing with my mind, at one point I will just get stuck and never sit in front of the computer to write. There is a set of things I tell myself when writing becomes the greatest bad idea in the world. What they are is irrelevant but basically it starts and ends with “I’m not good enough”.

I didn’t win the game last year. There are two main reasons why? First, it all happened and stayed in my mind. I didn’t share much about it, thinking people would think I’m crazy… Second I wasn’t prepared.

So this year, I am planning (research, outline, etc.). I’ve set time in my schedule to write. And I am talking to EVERYBODY about it. And, I started to get in touch with other participants. Some peeps from my city to meet up for writing sessions. And on twitter where I found plenty of great and courageous people playing the game also.

Writing is a very personal process that is influenced by what goes on around us at anytime. Influenced by people, events, images, colors, dreams, newspaper’s article, etc., etc. Anything can add flavor to a story. But to make ourselves get to the actual action of “writing”, it needs sometimes a little “help from our friends”!

On the cold days of November, when writing seems like the least of my priorities, it will be great to open up the computer and have an email saying: “Hey guys! Remember tonight we meet at such and such café for an incredible writing session. See you there!” OR “Hey girl! How is your word count doing?”

I know that looking at it from a “4 days before it starts” point of view, NaNoWriMo sounds like a good and a bad idea. Bad: It will be complete madness to stick to the schedule. Good: I will finally find a way to write everyday.

But actually that’s not it. NaNoWriMo is a game. A game I play for myself. A game that creates inspiration, that nurture my enthusiasm for life, that makes me proud of myself. Whatever if I think that I’m not good enough. Who cares? I am just playing and having fun doing it. And I know that on the morning of the 1st of December, what happened during the month of November would have been worth it.

With great respect!


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