On the road

At the end of June, I packed up all my stuff, put it in storage and I left. I’m not on vacation. I’m am working and writing and doing all my stuff while traveling.

It is not a Soul searching kind of thing. I am not lost trying to discover who I am. I’m very clear on who I am, what I want and what I care for.

It’s something else regarding inner alignment. My life does not show the transformation and movements that have happened inside me in the past year.

I need to break through an inner barrier of fear that keeps me from expanding in the next part of my life. You know… my kids are grown-up.

So I  cut the cord and left home.

My first stop is this magnificent place in the Province of Québec called Tadoussac.

I saw a complete rainbow when I went on a boat trip this weekend. Is it a sign? (You can see it on the photo)


I am not looking for a sign. I’m simply happy to be here.

I will share more about my “voyage” that should last about 5-6 months before I go back to Montreal. I feel like journaling and connecting with people.

May we connect again.

With great respect!




New release: Remind me of you — poetry collection

It’s like a new baby. You want to tell the world and at the same time you want time to stay still and  taste, over and over again, the feeling of magic swirling all over your life.

It was suppose to be my Christmas gift. It’s my “Life happens right here, right now ” gift!

I am proud to present a collection of poems written when my heart caught on fire, or when a wave of bliss got me dancing.  Poetry is a mysterious form of expression, it has some kind of magic that reveals our true heart.

The book is now available on Amazon in eBook and paperback. Follow your bliss!

Amazon.com: Remind me of you

Requests for signed copies can be made by sending an email to info@ambrozya.net

Thank you!

With great respect and love!


Just what’s going on

I thought a lot about doing a post over here about what’s going on with me. I didn’t feel the impulse to write and I didn’t just want to write two lines and sign off for weeks.

So we found a tumor in my right breast and they removed it on April 18th. Actually, they removed the whole breast; a complete mastectomy, with lymph nodes. Tomorrow, I will meet with the surgeon and we will agree on what’s next.

I thank you in advance for your best wishes. I am recovering very well.

There was a lot of emotions that rose up before the surgery. All emotions and feelings had been cleared out of the way. I walked into the operation room totally clear and light.

I came out of the operation room, clear and free.

Now I am dealing with new sensations in my body. I’ll probably share more about this in the future.

I will stop here for now. I just wanted to touch base, and not leave my blog unattended for too long.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram, where I share parts of my healing journey in images. @Ambrozya

Regarding this, a few projects will launch in the next few weeks. A book and more. Stay tune.

With great respect and love!


Listen to the rhythm of your life

First, let me wish you a luminous 2017. As we enter this new year, I wish to get to know you all better, share ideas, become partners in making life an amazing event everyday! I love you all!

I just read my last post, written 4 months ago. I was so enthusiastic, ready and keen to move forward finally.

And then I had an accident.


I fell off of this beautiful horse you can see on the photo, during a trip to a ranch in Arizona the first week of November. We had a marvelous week of horse back riding until the last day when this unfortunate event happened. Since I did an Oscar worthy impression of Superman, I was lucky to get out of it with only a dislocated elbow, a sprain wrist and a few bruised ribs.

I went through all kinds of emotions around that event, but I am left with something very profound.


Listen to your rhythm, listen to life around you, listen to your loved ones, give some space for others to contribute and show how they love and care. It’s no surprise that I like to do things alone, and I take care of a lot of things. And I read all the quotes about all the things you can achieve with the help of others, but until I truly experienced it for myself, and that I really opened up, all these were only pretty words.

I stopped talking for a while and listened.

My body is talking loud, telling me how to care for it.

My heart is screaming, urging me to open up and stop being afraid.

My soul is whispering, blowing wild winds, pushing me to walk my path.

It’s the first day today that I sit in front of my computer to write. I wasn’t able to do it since the accident and the doctor had forbidden it even if I thought I was feeling better.

I’m happy and nervous. I look at all the things hanging in mid-flight waiting for me to show up again and I laugh nervously. You know, when you have to call someone you know you should have called weeks ago… yes that feeling.

I’m happy to be back, ready to work and to connect with readers, partners, mentors, costumers, coachees, students, all the beautiful human beings in my life.

With great respect and love!


When it’s time, it’s time

I am the kind of person that needs to have everything handled before I move. I’m getting ready to be ready. To the point that when I’m finally ready, I’m too exhausted with stress that I don’t really enjoy the thing I got ready for.

I tried something different this time. I announced the release of my second book in french for December. In my ideal world, I’m not quite ready. But in my new reality, I am so enjoying this! Today, I have to deal with the flood of requests, congratulations and whirlwind of love. All this giving me the energy to work and be ready on time and show up to the rendez-vous I created with people.

Like I said before, I have so much material that I just need to organize for it to become books. I didn’t tell anyone, but I have 2 books in preparation for submission to publishers. And you know, one of them had been ready for more than 10 years. Re-written, edited and all. I wasn’t ready… Now even if I’m not ready, it’s about freaking time it gets out.

I can announce officially that I have a poetry collection coming out in October. This week, we’ve been working  on the cover of the french version, but next week, we will complete the one in English. I may have a cover reveal…

It’s time.

Time to get out of my shell. Time to move forward. Time to experiment and dance in the fire.


You might wonder (or not)  about the image I put for this post. It’s a tag I saw during my last trip to Greece. I just thought it was really brilliant. I give so much meaning to the “essence” of my personality, my thoughts and ideas, that I forget my body. Made of flesh and decaying everyday. I think I’m eternal and I can wait for another day and be really ready tomorrow.

It’s time now!

With great respect!


The Fire Within

I don’t think I ever talked to you about this course I’m taking. It’s a ten month-long course, with 5 intensive weekends and practice work in between weekends. It’s called the Wisdom Unlimited Course and it is fabulous. It’s my second time in the course — I did it in 2008 and created amazing results in my life. This time I registered with only one question in mind: What’s next?

What’s next in my life? My children are grown-ups, my parents are dead and I quit my job because of grief and exhaustion. What’s next when you are single and 40 something. The beginning of an answer started to appear after the first and second weekend.

  • I got that I need to clear up space in my mind and heart, and my environment.
  • I needed to forgive myself for many things that I did or didn’t do in my life.
  • Remind myself of all the lists of TO DO’s that I will never do. And be okay with it.
  • My happiness is linked to being connected with people, not hiding from those who love me.
  • It was okay to be where I was and okay to take the time I needed.
  • That what everybody else’s need is not necessarily what I need.

The third weekend, I traveled to another city. Things we’re unfolding and a great piece was cleared up.

  • I got that I was waiting on life to show up and be great without me doing anything. I was tired, hurt and empty with no more energy. Life owed me after all the struggles and deception.  A new clear view emerged after that. I became the creator again.
  • I got a new taste for life and acceptance for myself.
  • New actions arose and I got to move forward again.
  • I declared that “I was back”. Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

My friend Janet and new business partner challenged me to “share” in front of the whole group during the weekend. I am the “covert sharer”. I share only with the people I want. I never raise my hand, except for some short answers to short questions.

I got up and shared the last day. Right before, it felt like my whole mind and body got rewired through the conversation and insights of the weekend.

  • I got that I am self-confident.
  • That failure lives like a failure as long as I suffer alone with myself. Reaching out to loving and supportive people makes the hurting shorter and new openings can be experienced.
  • I got that abundance in my life is linked to the quality of my conversations. If I talk about beauty, beauty will show up.
  • I got that I am a successful mother.
  • I can deal with anything.
  • I can play and accomplish whatever I want.

The thing that hit me the most profoundly, in this course, is that I love people. I love them in their vulnerabilities. I love that human beings are resilient, determined, and fierce sometimes in getting what they want. I love that sometimes we can just give up and then come back again.


Picture of my fire place last week. I like that the flame seems to reach out to grab something.

The FIRE is back. I love you all.

With great respect and love!



Waking up

I won’t be too long on the “in the last two years I just slept”. Only to establish context. So in the past two years I couldn’t even picture being where I am today.

I am rediscovering the depth of my own heart, the bubbly nature of my mind and the light of my soul. And it triggers the desire to share, to expand, to help and contribute. Feels like holding the Golden Ticket for a joyful carousel ride. (I don’t post many pictures of myself, but this one really looks the part.)


I was going through all the writing I have done in the past ten years and I have so  much material and ideas to write 20 more books. So I’ve decided to really take on the release of many of my books in the next few months. Poetry and short stories and some novels and novellas.

Aside many other projects that I’m currently working on, like spiritual retreats, I might want to put on paper a few thoughts about a writer’s retreat with workshops and write-ins. Actually, it would be like a weekend class, with lots of times to write and challenging mentors in an inspiring place. I have this nice place I know in Greece…

I woke up. Finally. After a few glimpse here and there, I  am fully awake now.And I just got that even in my most productive years, I had accumulated much stress and fatigue. Now, even that is gone. I am fully rested. It may sound a bit dangerous actually. What can I do when my mind is working 100%? I was a killing machine at 85%…

I have this feeling of contentment and gratitude following me around and I love it!

I thought I’d share this today. I will announce different news in the next few weeks about my books and also how you can participate and support me.

I’m curious. Where do you sleep in your life? Where are you fully awake?

With great respect!