I love movies.

Victor Victoria was one the first movie that created a sense of wonder towards musical. I believe it was more about the gender thing. The girl who pretends to be a man who pretends to be a woman to be able to star in a show! Maybe that would explain spending a lot of time around drag queens between the age of 25 to 35. I remember around 14 that I might have wished to do some of that kind of pretense. O.o I had a lot of imagination. I’m sure that’s why I write. So I can be anything I want (in my head, of course!!)

So here is the trailer of the version of the movie with Julie Andrews. She is truly amazing in that movie.

Viktor and Viktoria (German: Viktor und Viktoria) is a 1933 German musical comedy film directed by Reinhold Schünzel, starring Renate Müller as a woman pretending to be a female impersonator (that is, a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman). At the same time Schünzel shot the film in a French language version as Georges et Georgette starring Meg Lemonnier and a French cast.
In 1935 Michael Balcon produced an English version First a Girl directed by Victor Saville and starring Jessie Matthews and Sonnie Hale. There was a remake in West-Germany by Karl Anton in 1957.
In 1982 Blake Edwards remade the film as Victor Victoria and then based a stage musical on the film both starring Julie Andrews.

With great respect!


4 thoughts on “V as in Victor Victoria

    1. This movie is very far in it’s genre of The Sound of Music. It plays on gender and the kind of “morality” issues it can bring up. The movie is somehow very cute. I don’t know for the original german version. 1933 didn’t seem like a pretty open era…


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