Photo tatoo 007I was 29, the summer before I turned 30. I was in between two apartments. The kids where away for vacations and summer camp.

One day, I passed by a tattoo shop and went in. I came out about 2 hours later with this tattoo. Actually it took about 45 min to get it but the first 10 minutes, the girl was trying to convince me not to have it. She tought I was very young. When I said “I’m 29, a grown up and I decide what I do with my skin”, she shut up and completed the drawing I had started. Yes some of it is an evidence of my naive artistry persona.

And it struck me. Yes I can do what I want with my skin. I can decide to draw permanently on it and it’s perfectly fine.

By the end of my twenties, I had a few notions of my self-worth, but I was still caught up in looking good for others and do the right thing and not be too wild. Having a tattoo was not part of being a good girl. And the silly part, I have manage to hide it from my father up until today. (I laugh at myself right now!) You know, for my dad I want to stay the sweet pretty girl! 😛

That day, marked a turning point in my life. It was a milestone on my path to profound spiritual, emotional and physical transformation.  The Snake is a powerful symbol of transmutation and transformation and it was aligned with what was going on for me and where I was heading in my life.

It has been my companion and constant reminder that “Who I am is who I choose to be”, not what I do or what other people say.  I keep shedding my skin and transform my life. Each day is a new beginning.

With great respect!


One thought on “T as in TRANSFORMATION

  1. I got a few tattoos when I was younger and for the longest time was nervous about my dad ever seeing them. I don’t know if he ever noticed them, but if he did he never said anything. Funny how even as adults, we worry so much about what our parents will think.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z.


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