I just started to read this book from Marguerite Duras about writing. She speaks a lot about the solitude of the writer. I understand profoundly what she is referring to. The actual act of writing, sitting in a chair, at a table with pen and paper or a computer is very solitary. Only you can choose to do it, when you will do it and how. Thanks to all the supporters, but If I don’t actually sit in the chair and write, nothing is going to happen.

And then there is NaNoWriMo, where I get a sense of belonging for a moment. I am not alone with this crazy idea of inventing stuff just for the sake of it and call it a novel. The insanity is shared with others. The countdown has begun and we go on forums and twitter to see how is everybody doing. Happy to notice that it’s crazy for almost everyone, except the professionals who just surf to 10k in 2 days and get to the end of the 50k in 2 weeks. Or worst they write two novels during the month. Don’t you just love them, while alone in the dark hours of your kitchen, you struggle to add up one word after another?

I decided to do NaNaWriMo again this year. I have been away from the chair and table for months now. Having a few epiphanies here and there, but I haven’t been doing the work for real.

I haven’t actually sit for hours and work. I felt alone. A lot.

After a few hours of writing yesterday, being alone felt good. I was surrounded by my characters who have been waiting patiently for me to “recover”.

I loved it.

For the rest of the month, I will be surrounded by my two daughters and a friend who’s been wanting to write a book for a while. I told her “to shut up, sit down and write”. She’s doing NaNoWriMo.

We will be alone with our stories, questions, research and doubts, but we will be together to share the dream.

With great respect!


2 thoughts on “Writing alone, playing together #NaNoWriMo 2014

  1. Have fun. Tho I have tried doing Nano, something always has managed to thwart my efforts (i.e. an accident with both hands bandaged.) These days I’m too busy trying to get stuff on the publishing schedule, but I will always respect the hard push to write a novel in 1 month – a feat…


    1. I will definitely have fun. The year that just past was a fare share of sadness AND fun and I am planning in keeping it on the fun side. 😉
      Good luck with the publishing stuff and thanks for stopping by.


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