beach-Cappacio 096Sometimes I remember to breathe.

What? Yes just breathe and get present to what is around me. I tend to forget. So today let’s say that I am relieved. I have made it this far.

Is there somewhere I need to go? Not really. But with all the drama, pain and whatever else that has been going on in my childhood and teenage years, I pulled out my game pretty good.

Today’s post was almost a sharing about how I feel stuck inside and being a failure. But you know, my words create my world and If I really look at it, I’m doing pretty good.

So today, I breathe and look at the many blessings that I have in my life. All the abundance around me. All the love that I get from my family and friends. I don’t always honor that.

I am relieved that even though I may have thought a long time ago that I would always be alone and nobody would ever love me, I proved that to be wrong. Circumstances come and go and I choose what I put my attention on.

So today, despite a few annoying situations I remember to breathe and be present.

With great respect!


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