A to Z blog challenge : day 1
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : Aspirant

n. – An ambitious and aspiring young person
adj. – Desiring or striving for recognition or advancement

I have been around guides, gurus, masters, all kind of teachers in the past 20 years. The most beautiful feelings I’ve seen in people’s heart, as I observed. Some beautiful experiences of profound love and unity, I felt.

But one of the most interesting feeling is undoubtedly the feeling of profound aspiration to a supreme goal felt by a new devotee, disciple or student.

And sometimes, we get sidetracked when this pure aspiration becomes wanting to be the teacher. For the true aspirant on the spiritual path the goal is becoming one with the light within, being that light everywhere at any given moment. It is irrelevant if you become the teacher or not, you rejoice in your own light and share it with the world.

At that second precisely, all is attained. The aspirant and the teacher become one and the same.

Humble, you walk the path.

With great respect!


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