I’m here.

I’m at The Stanley Hotel Writers retreat for  4 days of spooky passionate writing and activities. It’s definitely the only project that will allow me to create some sense into my shuffled writing brain.

I woke up this morning and I was greeted with snow and it brought joy into my heart. I won’t have the pull to go outside to walk, play and shop. It is the perfect setting to have me sit down and write.

I also wanted to connect with you all. I have been up to a lot of things lately : getting back in shape, take back some control over my tired brain and regain energy. But writing seemed to be a hard step. I still forget sometimes why I opened the refrigerator… Sitting down to write is strenuous for my mind and ideas seems to come and disappear before I have time to grab them.

So I am sitting here, in my cozy mountain chalet, with a fireplace, and I have this urge to write coming from within. Weehee!

The program of the retreat will allow me to write, get spooked in the dark corners of the Stanley hotel, go to a murder mystery dinner and write some more.

To know more about the Stanley hotel, here is an article from the New York Times about it. You’ll understand why it’s a marvelous place to write.

I’ll share everyday about what’s going on during the retreat. You can follow me on my Facebook page for additional content and on Instagram @Ambrozya for photos.

With great respect!


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