This could be a post stuck in a loop.

Let me explain. During the month, I read again some of my old notebooks, I found fun stuff, good ideas, uninteresting ones and some motivational speech to myself.

It’s cyclic. Once in a while, I talk to myself, telling me to be in action. I have lists of things to do. Ideas to push forward. Names of publishers or contacts in publishing. I bore myself reading all this… a dead cheerleader singing from her tomb.

After 20 something years, you can really get the pattern…

So, what now?

Am I going to be in action, without having to talk myself into getting out of my dream bubble? I know who to call. I know what to do. I have at least eight WIP needing some love and wings to live their own life, away from my laziness.

So let’s roll, baby!

With great respect!


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